"Probably the quintessential science novel of the past year."


"A subtle meditation on the scientific personality."

-The Washington Post Book World

"A novel of ideas...even a love story, mature in every sense."

-San Francisco Chronicle
"A visionary is a person capable of seeing with closedeyes."

My eyes were closed; Sam was trimming my eyebrows. I was thinking of VirginGorda, trying to remember what she had said. It had been something likethat. And something else-what was it?

"Easy, Professor," Sam said, bringing me out of my reverie. "I'llbe done in a minute. Let me brush you off. White hair is so easily seenon a blue suit."

White hair, I thought. Since meeting her, I'd started to see myself as silverhaired. Fine pale hairs floated around me, settling gently on the floor."It's my biography," I wanted to say, but didn't. Looking down,all I saw was biographies. An unread library was lying on the floor: volumesof Who's Who, medical histories, hidden sins.

It's gotten almost so I can't bear to see the stuff swept away. Who wouldhave thought two years ago that we would now be negotiating for one strand-aportion of a strand-of those precious two locks from Abraham Lincoln,consisting of 183 strands, none of them longer than five centimeters? Howlong could the curator begrudge us a few millimeters of hair when it couldprovide the answer to a question that has intrigued historians for decades:Did Lincoln suffer from Marfan's Syndrome? Would he have died anyway inthe 1860s, even if Booth hadn't assassinated him?

-from page 1 of The Bourbaki Gambit.

Hardback edition published by the University of Georgia Press
Athens, Georgia (telephone orders: (USA) 1-800-266-5842; (Internat.) 706-369-6130)
Third printing, 1995
ISBN 0-8203-1652-0
© 1994 by Carl Djerassi

Paperback edition published (1996) by Penguin Books
New York, New York
(telephone orders: 1-800-253-6476)
Fourth printing, 2000
ISBN 0 14 02.5485 4
German translation in
Haymon Verlag
Innsbruck, 2002
ISBN 3-85218-391-X

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