Lecture/Reading/Travel Schedule of Carl Djerassi




Jan. 6 - 14: San Francisco. Stanford University: Sophomore Seminar “Science-in-theatre: a new genre?” every Monday 6:00 – 9:00PM.


Jan 15 - 24: Vienna:


            Jan. 16:  Biedermannsdorf bei Wien: Reading (17:45) from "Der Schattensammler: die allerletzte Autobiografie von Carl Djerassi" at HLW Biedermannsdorf (Perlasgasse 10) Lange Nacht der Höheren Lehranstalten f. wirtschaftliche Berufe with associated book distribution.


            Jan. 17 - 18:  Salzburg: Lecture (Jan. 18, 16:30) "Sex-Reproduktion-Medizin in 2050" at annual Chiesi Pneumologie meeting, Hotel Jagdhof, Hof bei Salzburg, with associated book distribution.


            Jan. 20 - 21:  Vienna: Participation in 11. Wiener Kongress com.sult 2014 with associated book distribution.


Jan. 20 (18:00): City Hall (Rathaus) Fireside Chat: “What makes us attractive for the best brains?”.


Jan. 21:  Haus der Industrie, Schwartzenbergplatz 4


(18:15) Participation in panel “Migration—not a Threat but an Opportunity).


(20:00): “In dialog with CD” and Golden Arrow Lifetime Achievement Award presentation.


            Jan.24: Vienna: Discussion (10:00-12:00) with junior and senior history students of Wiener Gymnasium, 2. Zirkusgasse with associated distribution of DerSchattensammler.


Jan 25 - Feb. 11: San Francisco. Stanford University: Sophomore Seminar “Science-in-theatre: a new genre?” every Monday 6:00 – 9:00PM.


Jan. 30: Stanford University: Chemistry Department event (3:00PM, Clark Center Auditorium) "Beyond Chemistry: The last 25 years of a nonagenarian" with associated book distribution.


Feb. 1: Mountain View: Presentation "Early days of Syntex in Mexico" at Syntex Alumni association annual meeting Michael’s Restaurant, 2960 N. Shoreline Blvd. 11:00AM)


Feb. 8: Stanford University:  (Cubberley Auditorium, 8:00PM) Performance of Insufficiency (directed by Chloe Bronzan) followed by post-performance Q & A.


Feb. 9: San Francisco: Discussion of polymathy, gentleman scientists, opportunity costs, specialization, and autodidactism to Stanford student Mutual Improvement Society.


Feb. 12 - 15: Lexington, KY: Visit to University of Kentucky.


Feb. 13:

Lunch talk "Academic entrepreneurship: Facts through Fiction" for business and academic leaders at Hilary J. Boone Center. 

4:30PM public lecture: "Science on the Page and Stage" at Worsham Theatre of Student Center with associated book distribution.


Feb.14: Lecture ("The divorce of sex from reproduction: the new facts of life") at Transylvania University (3:30PM, Cowgill 102) with associated book distribution.


Feb. 15: University of Kentucky Drama Department, dramatic reading (directed by Nancy Jones) of INSUFFICIENCY (3:00PM) at Art Museum of the Singletary Center for the Arts.


Feb. 16 - March 6: San Francisco. Stanford University: Sophomore Seminar “Science-in-theatre: a new genre?” every Monday 6:00 – 9:00PM.


Feb. 27: San Francisco State University Chemistry Dept. lecture (11:00 – 12:15). “The Pill: Rise and Demise.”


March 7 - 9: Iowa City: University of Iowa keynote address 5:00 PM (“The Pill: Rise and Demise”) at literature/cultural studies symposium "Pill and Pen: Contraception and unwanted Pregnancy in global Literature and popular Culture."


March 10 - 18: San Francisco.


            March 10: Last Sophomore Seminar “Science-in-theatre: a new genre?"


March 19 – 20: Provo, UT: Lecture: The Pill: Rise and Demise.”


March 21 – 26: San Francisco.


March 22: Video Conference lectureGeschichte der Kontrazeption” for Merck/Sharpe.Dohme conference, Fuschl, Austria.


March 27 - 31: Vienna:


March 27, 28, 30: Performances of PHALLACY (Phallstricke) and EGO by Max Reinhardt Seminar graduates, 19:30, Neue Studiobuehne, Penzinger Straße 7.


April 1 - April 5: London. Start of rehearsals of Foreplay.


April 6 -  20: Vienna


April 21 - May 11: London.


            April 23 - 25: Lincoln University:


April 23: 1:15 - 2:45 PM: Opening key note lecture (“What can the theatre do for science and vice versa”) at “Performing Science: Dialogues across Cultures” symposium.


6:00 PM: Great Minds lecture (in Co-op lecture theatre): "The demise of contraception: Sex in an age of ART (assisted reproductive technologies)."


April 24: 10:00 - 5:00 PM “Performing Science: Dialogues across Cultures” symposium


April 25: 10:00 - 3:30 PM “Performing Science: Dialogues across Cultures” symposium


7:30 PM: Foreplay premiere (directed by Andy Jordan) in Lincoln Performing Arts Centre


April 30 - May 31: Performances (19:15) of FOREPLAY (directed by Andy Jordan) at King's Head Theatre, (115 Upper Street, Islington).


May 12: Groningen: Lecture (May 12, 8:00PM), "The divorce of sex from reproduction: A shift in gender power relations," to Dutch United Nations Student Association (DUNSA) of University of Groningen with associated book distribution.


May 13 - 14: Freiburg: Lectures at University of Freiburg:


May 13: 19:30. Die letzten 25 Jahre eines 90-jaehrigen Workaholics," Aula der Universität.


May 14: 16:00 “Die Pille: Aufgang und Untergang,” Hörsaal des Instituts für Pharmazeutische Wissenschaften.


May 15 - 20: Vienna


May 19: Wiener Vorlesung (19:00, Rathaus): "Ein Leben zwischen Science, Fiktion und Theater: die letzten 25 Jahre eines 90-jährigen Workaholics.“


May 21 - 22:  Bielefeld:


May 21 (19:00): Reading from "Der Schattensammler: die allerletzte Autobiografie von Carl Djerassi," at Universitätsbibliothek.


May 22 (12:00): Brown bag lunch discussion „Science-in-theatre: ein pädagogisches Experiment.“


May 23 - 27: Vienna


May 28 - 29: Fischbachau (Bavaria): Interview round table (Hotel Aurachhof) with students at decennial celebration of Gerhard Starck Foundation with associated book distribution.


May 30 - June 4: Vienna


            May 31: Weiz: Reading from "Der Schattensammler: die allerletzte Autobiografie von Carl Djerassi" at Weizer Pfingstvision  with associated book distribution.


June 5 - 6: Innsbruck:


June 5: Lecture ("Ursprung und Zukunft der Pille: von Innsbruck über Mexico zum Vatikan") at Univ. of Innsbruck, 18:00..


June 6: Hon. doctorate conferment, 11:00, Archäologisches Museum, Innstrasse 52).


June 7 - 9: Salzburg.


June 10 – 11: Vienna


June 12: Odense: Plenary Lecture (“From the Pill to the Stage”) at annual meeting of Danish Chemical Society, University of Southern Denmark, Odense.


June 16 – 18: Mainz: Workshop (12:00) and Lecture (6:00 P)M at University of Mainz "Life Sciences - Life Writing: Grenzerfahrungen menschlichen Lebens zwischen biomedizinischer Erklärung und lebensweltlicher Erfahrung" with associated book distribution and honorary doctorate conferment.


June 18 - Aug. 11: Vienna.


June 28: ORF-TV:”Erlesen” Interview of Autobiography for broadcast on July 22.


August 12 -13: Fribourg: Lecture (“’Jude’—ein Begriff mit 6 Buchstaben) at Summer Academy of the Univ. of Vienna “Jüdisches Heiliges Römisches Reich” at University of Fribourg with associated book distribution.


Aug. 14 - 20: Vienna.


Aug. 21 - 22: Alpach: Presentation (Aug. 21, 22:00 – 24:00) at Alpbacher Technologie Gesprächen  with associated book distribution.


Aug. 26 – 28: Vienna.


Aug. 29: Cologne: TV Talk Show “Kölner Treff”, WDR.


Aug. 30 – Sept. 1: Vienna


Sept. 2 - 14: San Francisco. Rehearsals of Ego and Insufficiency.


Sept. 16 - Oct. 12: Vienna.


Sept. 25: Discussion  (15:00) “Carl Djerassi, Sein Leben vor, mit und nach der Pille,“ at Höhere Graphische Bundes-Lehranstalt (Leyserstraße 6, A-1140) with associated book distribution.


Oct. 13 – 15: France.


Oct. 14: St. Etienne:


Lecture (14:00 – 15:00) “The Divorce of Coitus from Reproduction” at Center for Biomedical and Healthcare Engineering of Ecole nationale supérieure des mines de Saint-Étienne,


Lecture (18:30) and dramatic reading (with actors) of “La science au théâtre” at Fête du Livre of La Rotonde.


Oct. 15: Paris: Lecture (16:00) and dramatic reading of “La science au théâtre” in Amphi Jean Perrin, of Laboratoire de Physico-chimie des Rayonnements, (Campus UPMC, rue Pierre et Marie Curie) organized by Société Chimique de France.


Oct. 17 - 26: San Francisco. Z Space Production Premieres of Ego and Insufficiency at Z-Below theatre (every day except Oct. 20).


Oct. 28 – Nov. 1: Paris.


Oct. 29: Rennes: Lecture and dramatic reading (18:30 – 20:30) from “La science au théâtre” at l'Espace Ouest-France.


Nov. 2 – 6: London.


Nov. 3: Cambridge University:


13:00-14:30, William Mong Hall, Sidney Sussex College: Book launch of "In Retrospect: From the Pill to the Pen" by Carl Djerassi (Discussant Lord Martin Rees).

17:00-18:30, William Mong Hall, Sidney Sussex College: The Diane Middlebrook and Carl Djerassi Visiting Professorship Public Lecture  by Prof. Jacqueline Rose (Professor of English, Queen Mary College, Univ. of London) “Feminism and the Abomination of Violence.”


Nov. 7 – 11: Vienna


Nov. 12: Magdeburg: Otto-von-Guericke Lecture (“Sex im Zeitalter der technologischen Reproduktion—Aufgang und Abgang der Pille”) at University Magdeburg (19:00, Hörsaal 1, Gebäude 26 der Otto-von Guericke-Universität) with associated book distribution.


Nov. 14 – 30: Vienna


Dec. 1 – 3: Munich


Dec. 1: Lecture  (19:00) “Paul Zion Klee in München: nicht-jüdischer Jude?” in Institut für Kunstgeschichte, LMU München, Hauptgebäude, M 118 (Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, 80539 München Maxvorstad) with associated book distribution.


Dec. 2: Lecture (17:00) “Cortisone and the Pill: an unusual Mexican connection” Münchner Chemische Gesellschaft at Department of Chemistry, LMU, Butenandtstr. 5-13, Haus F, Buchner Hörsaal with associated book distribution.


Dec. 3: Lecture (18:00) “Die Trennung von Sex und Reproduktion. Moralische Wertvorstellung vs. gesellschaftliche Realität" in Center for Advanced Studies, Seestr.13, LMU München with associated book distribution.


Dec. 4 -20: Vienna.


Dec. 4 (Vienna): Reading (in English) from In retrospect: from the pill to the pen at Shakespeare and Company (Sterngasse 2, A-1010) at 7:30PM.


Dec. 5 (Vienna): Presentation (in English) of In retrospect: from the pill to the pen at Angewandte Innovation Laboratories; Franz Josefs Kai 3, 1010 at 6:00 PM with associated book distribution.


Dec. 6 (Vienna): Lecture (17:45 -18:30) "Die naechsten 50 Jahre: Ende der Kontrazeption?"at Kongress der Wiener Gesellschaft für Sexual Medizin, Jugendstielhörsaal, Medizinische Universität Wien.


Dec. 12 (Vienna): TV (Wiener Sender W24) “Gerald Matt spricht mit” 7:00 PM in Herrengassenhochhaus, Herrengasse 6-8 (1010 Wien)


Dec. 21 -22: London


Dec. 23 and beyond: San Francisco