Performance Schedule




May 13: Berkeley, CA: Aurora Theatre, staged rehearsed reading, directed by Andrea Gordon; sponsored by Mathematical Sciences Research Institute.


Cibber                  GEOFF HOYLE

Fatio                    GEOFF HOYLE

Vanbrugh             LOL LEVY

Lady Brasenose   WANDA MCCADDON

Mrs Arbuthnot      WANDA MCCADDON


Arbuthnot             CHRIS AYLES

Bonet                   SIMON VANCE


August 16: London, reading directed by Andy Jordan.


Cibber                  KEITH DRINKEL

Fatio                    KEITH DRINKEL

Moivre                  KEITH DRINKEL

Vanbrugh             PAUL PRESCOTT

Arbuthnot             PAUL PRESCOTT

Lady Brasenose   JOANNA MONRO

Mrs Arbuthnot      SHIRLEY DIXON

Bonet                   DAVID HALL

Docu-drama characters

                             NIGEL CARRINGTON


September 30: London, Royal Institution, staged rehearsed reading in costume, directed by Andy Jordan.


Colley Cibber                                    KEITH DRINKEL

Nicolas Fatio de Duillier                    KEITH DRINKEL

Abraham de Moivre                          KEITH DRINKEL

Sir John Vanbrugh                           RICHARD DURDEN

John Arbuthnot                                 RICHARD DURDEN

Lady Brasenose                               FRANCES JEATER

Mrs. Arbuthnot                                 TINA GRAY

Louis Frederick Bonet                      NICHOLAS BOULTON

John Keill                                         DAVID HOLT

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz…………  DAVID HOLT

Jean Bernoulli………….                  BRETT USHER

Sir Isaac Newton………                  BRETT USHER



November 11: Vienna, Siemens Forum, German-language staged rehearsed reading in costume of “Kalkül”, directed by Isabella Gregor, followed by post-performance discussion.


Colley Cibber                                    SIEGFRIED WALTHER

Abraham de Moivre                          MARKUS HERING

Sir John Vanbrugh                            BERND BIRKHAHN

John Arbuthnot                                 BERND BIRKHAHN

Lady Brasenose                               BIGI FISCHER

Mrs. Arbuthnot                                 KATHARINA SCHOLZ-MANKER

Louis Frederick Bonet                      SIEGFRIED WALTHER

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz…………  SIEGFRIED WALTHER

Sir Isaac Newton………                  BERND BIRKHAHN





March 15: Vienna,  Erste Bank Arena, Museums Quartier (quartier 21), repeat performance (5:00 PM) with November 11, 2002 cast directed by Isabella Gregor followed by post-performance discussion..


March 21 & 22: Munich, Deutsches Museum staged rehearsed reading of “Kalkül”, directed by Isabella Gregor, followed by post-performance discussion.


Colley Cibber                                        WOLFRAM RUPPERTI

Abraham de Moivre                               GEORG LEUMER

Sir John Vanbrugh                                 JOHANNES KIEBRANZ

John Arbuthnot                                     JOHANNES KIEBRANZ

Lady Brasenose                                    ESTHER STRAIMER

Mrs. Arbuthnot                                      SUSANNA KRAUS

Louis Frederick Bonet                            EROL NOWAK

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz…………          WOLFRAM RUPPERTI

Sir Isaac Newton………                          JOHANNES KIEBRANZ



April 3 – 27: San Francisco: Performing Arts Library and Museum (SFPALM), American theatrical premiere directed by Andrea Gordon.


Colley Cibber                            ROBERT SICULAR

Sir John Vanbrugh                     JOE LUCAS

Margaret Arbuthnot                    WANDA MCCADDON

Louis Frederick Bonet                SIMON VANCE

John Arbuthnot                         NIGEL FORDE

Lady Brasenose                        CYNTHIA BASSHAM

Abraham de Moivre                   STEPHEN PAWLEY

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz           ROBERT SICULAR

Sir Isaac Newton                       JOE LUCAS


May 23: Oxford (UK) Playhouse, staged rehearsed reading directed by Andy Jordan followed by post-performance panel discussion.


Colley Cibber                            MICHAEL N HARBOUR

Sir John Vanbrugh                     NIGEL FORDE

Margaret Arbuthnot                    KAREN ARCHER

Louis Frederick Bonet                DOMINIC LETTS

John Arbuthnot                         NIGEL FORDE

Lady Brasenose                        ELIZA MCCLELLAND

Abraham de Moivre                   MICHAEL N HARBOUR

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz           MICHAEL N HARBOUR

Sir Isaac Newton                       NIGEL FORDE




March 8: Berlin: Leibniz Symposium (14:30 - 16:30: Schering Stiftung, Behrenstr. 27) and staged rehearsed reading of CALCULUS (directed by Isabella Gregor) at 19:00 in Leibniz-Saal der Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften (Markgrafenstr. 38).


John Arbuthnot                       Dieter Laser

Sir John Vanbrugh                  Dieter Laser

Sir Isaac Newton                    Dieter Laser

Colley Cibber                          Wolfram Rupperti

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz       Wolfram Rupperti

Margaret Arbuthnot                 Maria Hartmann

Louis Frederick Bonet            Günter Barton

Lady Brasenose                     Bigi Fischer

Abraham de Moivre                Felix Römer


March 9: Dresden: Repetition of Berlin performance in Semper Oper.


July 28 – Aug. 28: London: New End Theatre (27 New End, Hampstead, London NW3, box office: 020-7794-8022). U.K. theatrical premiere directed by Andy Jordan, design by Michael Taylor, lights by Chris Corner.


Colley Cibber                           Michael Fenner

Sir John Vanbrugh                  David Gant

Margaret Arbuthnot                 Susan Sheridan

Louis Frederick Bonet             Roger May

John Arbuthnot                        John Kane

Lady Brasenose                      Lynette Edwards

Abraham de Moivre                 Nick Wilton

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz         Michael Fenner

Sir Isaac Newton                     David Gant




Wednesday 28         @ 7.30pm  - First preview performance

Thursday 29              @ 7.30pm

Friday 30                   @ 7.30pm Press Night

Saturday 31              @ 7.30pm




Sunday 1                   @ 3.30pm

Monday 2                  no performance

Tuesday 3                 @ 7.30pm

Wednesday 4           @ 7.30pm

Thursday 5                @ 7.30pm

Friday 6                      @ 7.30pm

Saturday 7                 @ 3.30pm & 7.30pm

Sunday 8                   @ 3.30pm

Monday 9                  no performance

Tuesday 10               @ 7.30pm

Wednesday 11         @ 7.30pm

Thursday 12              @ 7.30pm

Friday 13                   @ 7.30pm

Saturday 14              @ 3.30pm & 7.30pm

Sunday 15                @ 3.30pm

Monday 16                no performance

Tuesday 17               @ 7.30pm

Wednesday 18         @ 7.30pm

Thursday 19              @ 7.30pm

Friday 20                   @ 7.30pm

Saturday 21              @ 3.30pm & 7.30pm

Sunday 22                @ 3.30pm

Monday 23                no performance

Tuesday 24               @ 7.30pm

Wednesday 25         @ 7.30pm

Thursday 26              @ 7.30pm

Friday 27                   @ 7.30pm

Saturday 28              @ 3.30pm & 7.30pm


Oct. 30: Cambridge, U.K.: ADC Theatre: Staged rehearsed reading (2:30 PM) by TopQuark Production directed by Kate Miller.


Colley Cibber/Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz         Duncan Barrett

Sir John Vanbrugh/Sir Isaac Newton             Douglas Guilfoyle

Margaret Arbuthnot                                         Mairead McCloskey

 Louis Frederick Bonet                                   Cameron Moir

Abraham de Moivre                                        Toby White

John Arbuthnot                                               tba

Lady Brasenose                                             Claire Pike








May 5 - 8: Zurich: Presentation in Studiobühne of Zurich Opera of musical version of “Kalkül” at 150th Anniversary celebration of ETH with music by Werner Schulze under the direction of Isabella Gregor and the Collegium Novum Orchestra, Alexis Hauser conductor.


Colley Cibber/Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz         Daniel Rohr

Sir John Vanbrugh/Sir Isaac Newton             Horst Warning

Margaret Arbuthnot (alto)                                Kismara Pessatti

 Louis Frederick Bonet (tenor)                        Jeffery Krueger

Abraham de Moivre                                        Thomas Schendel

John Arbuthnot (bass baritone)                      Morgan Moody

Lady Brasenose  (soprano)                            Cassandra McConnell



May 17 - 20: Dublin: Trinity College: Staged rehearsed reading under the direction of Philip Sullivan.


Colley Cibber/Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz         Jonathan Ryan

Sir John Vanbrugh/Sir Isaac Newton             Bill Golding

Margaret Arbuthnot                                         Marion O’Dwyer

 Louis Frederick Bonet                                   Chris McHallem

Abraham de Moivre                                        Mark Long

John Arbuthnot                                               Mark Lambert

Lady Brasenose                                             Kate O’Toole

Comedia                                                          Enda O’Breadon

Introduction                                                     Treasa Ni Mhiochain


Oboe                                                               Geraldine Malone

Bassoon                                                          Adrian Hughes




Oct. 19: Munich: Dramatic reading (19:30 – 21:00) of KALKÜL (directed by Isabella Gregor) in Aula of Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München (Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1) during 8th Münchner Wissenschaftstage.


Colley Cibber/Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz         Christian Dolezal

Sir John Vanbrugh/Sir Isaac Newton             Johannes Terne

Margaret Arbuthnot                                         Maria Hartmann

 Louis Frederick Bonet                                   Hannes Gastinger

Abraham de Moivre                                        Felix Römer

John Arbuthnot                                               Cristo Melingo

Lady Brasenose                                             Bigi Fischer






Nov. 24, 28, 29, Dec. 7, 8, 9: Vienna: First production (in German) of newly revised version „Verrechnet!“ under direction of Isabella Gregor at stadtTheater Walfischgasse (Walfischgasse 4, 1010 Vienna).


Polly Sterling                                                   Maria Köstlinger

Colley Cibber                                                  Nicolaus Hagg

Sir John Vanbrugh                                          Helmut Rühl

Dr. Arbuthnot                                                  Florentin Groll




Jan. 24, 25, 30, Feb. 2: Vienna: Continuing performances  of newly revised version „Verrechnung“ under direction of Isabella Gregor at stadtTheater Walfischgasse (Walfischgasse 4, 1010 Vienna).




Nov. 17 – Dec. 3: Coimbra: Portuguese premiere of CÁLCULO (translated by Mário Montenegro) by Marionet Theatre in Museu da Ciência da Universidade de Coimbra directed by Mário Montenegro, design by Pedro Andrade, music by José Valente, lights by Rui Simão.


Colley Cibber/Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz                     Gil MAC

Sir John Vanbrugh/Sir Isaac Newto                           Filipe Eusébio

Margaret Arbuthnot                                                     Helena G Freitas

 Louis Frederick Bone                                                Gil MAC

Abraham de Moivre                                                    Filipe Eusébio

John Arbuthnot                                                           Rui Guerreiro

Lady Brasenose                                                         Andreia Damas